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Term 4, 2020 health and safety on site

We are ALL back working onsite! Following DET advice we are keeping everyone safe with the following:

  • Class sizes of less than 20 students.
  • Minimal adults in the rooms.
  • Social distancing for staff and essential adults in the school.
  • Cleaning occurring twice daily- high touch areas, bathrooms, tables and classrooms.
  • No sharing of learning materials between classes.
  • Sanitation stations in all classrooms- with soap, handwashing facilities, sanitiser and cleaning products for staff to utelise.
  • Bubble taps reopened for Student Use (Nov 2020), regularly cleaned.
  • Student drop of and collection closely monitored to ensure social distancing.
  • Communication with families via phone, email, skoolbag app, facebook and Webex.
For further details see our facebook page:

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