Staffing Profile

We have an effective blend of youth and experience within our staff and they are extremely dedicated, enthusiastic and professional. Staff continually strive to provide the best educational programs, high level Literacy and Numeracy instruction is at the forefront daily practice. We have a professional learning culture at Bundarra, where staff attend regular professional learning, collaborate with each other and plan to cater for all students and their individual point of need. Team Leaders bring the latest curriculum knowledge and department initiatives into the school.

Staff of Bundarra Primary School 2024

Principal – Jo Shelton

Learning Specialist
Judy Holden

Office/HR Manager
Emma Spencer

Finance Manager
Emma Carr

Wellbeing Officer
Skye Roche

Learning Support Team
Marg Donald & Judy Holden

Junior Team
Will Potter, Judy Holden
& Lindelle Wombwell

Senior Team
Emily Munday, Kent Barker & Brigid Godfrey-Smith

Gunditjmara Language & Culture
Jayden Lillyst & Carolyn Silva

Hands on Learning
Nic Oats & Brooke King

Art Teacher
Nic Oats

PE Teacher
Tye O’Connell

Music Teacher
Emma Thompson

Education Support Staff
Tony Burgess, Errin Davis, Katrina Ruddick, Julia Pratt, Sherryn Place & Skye Roche

Technical Support
Sai Teja Cherukuri