Flexible and remote learning expectations

These expectations have been updated in line with new DET guidelines and DHHS directives.


  • Wellbeing of everyone is a priority!
  • Minimum 90 minutes school work a day
  • Staff available online between 9:00-11:00 and 11:30-12:30
  • Staff will be using additional hours to create lesson content, assess student progress and adapt learning accordingly.
  • Parent/ Staff communication will only be through WEBEX and 5523 4122.
  • You can forward questions to class teachers using chat service on WEBEX and staff will respond when able within a timely fashion.
  • Student assessment will be directly linked to each learning activity, as usual. This info will not come to parents, teachers will ensure accurate records linking activity to assessment to teacher judgements.
  • Parents and Students will have signed the “Bundarra Code of Conduct” prior to working online. These expectations are to be met at all times.
  • All Students will have signed the “ICT Acceptable Use Agreement” prior to working online. We will adhere to these expectations at all times.
  • Please note: this is all new, and we are all upskilling to ensure this works as seamlessly as possible.


  • Expecting to start getting all families who have access online in T2, W1.
  • Students will be completing pre-prepared paper Flexible Learning Packs for the first three days of term 2.
  • These first three days will be used also for staff to contact families to ensure we all have SeeSaw and WebEx downloaded.
  • From Monday 20th April 2020 we will move to online learning with all who can.



Updated Bundarra expectations for students learning at home- Student Expectations- remote learning

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